Marketing Promotions in Phoenix, AZ

Marketing in the 21st Century is as changeable as the weather.  New technology comes at us every other day and then, there’s the data.  There’s lots of it and it’s always telling us something new.

At Montz Marketing, these challenges keep us on our toes.  But we like to stay ahead of the game, so we sniff out not only what’s leading edge, but what’s effective.

Marketing promotions in Phoenix, AZ are more subject to the vagaries of fast-paced change than you think.  But where there’s a new, savvy way to reach your customers with a well-planned promotion, it’ll be on our radar.

Demand drives change

Trends in marketing promotions don’t arise from a desire for novelty.  They happen because consumers change their habits.  That directly affects your business, so having a player on your bench who understands what to do about it is good business.

Marketing promotions in Phoenix, AZ with Montz Marketing brings your enterprise knowledge of where your customers are, what they want and what drives them to your outlet.

We meet consumer demand with sharp marketing promotions that offer a superior ROI.  We can do that because we know promotions and because our nose is to the ground, ready to exploit change to your benefit.

Here’s a secret…

The role of your customers has changed dramatically in recent years.  As a result, retailers and other businesses are coming to understand that the customer is star of the show.

Placed at the center of your business and emotionally invested in its value propositions, your marketing renders brand ambassadors.  And when you market to them in this context with a promotion, their central role must be acknowledged.

Marketing promotions in Phoenix, AZ with Montz Marketing fold this secret ingredient into all your promotions, keeping them centered on your brand ambassadors and sending them forth as agents of your cause.

The right stuff

Finding the right media to share your promotion is vital to its success.  At Montz, our expertise encompasses media placement research, so your message reaches the largest relevant audience without sparing the horses.

The world of media marketing is changing just as quickly as everything else, so Montz continually interprets trends.  We’ve been recognizing patterns and negotiating great media buy rates for our clients for over 20 years.

But its in our relationships with key media markets and the buying power we’ve built up, that our skill is met with strength.  You benefit from those relationships to push your promotion far and wide.

Since 1998

21st Century marketing promotions in Phoenix, AZ get the Madison Avenue touch at Montz Marketing.  Then, we add Main Street integrity to speak to your market in its language.  With both style and substance, we approach your marketing promotions with the mission of getting you the most bang for your buck.

At Montz, you don’t have to settle.  We level the playing field by stretching your promotional dollar.  It’s our mission to bring you Big Apple marketing that won’t tank your budget.  Contact us.