Madison Avenue Advertising Agency on a Main Street Budget

You live and breathe your business.  It’s your life!

Most entrepreneurs fit this description.  On the other hand, many of you need a little professional help when it comes to promoting your business.

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t get the quality advertising support they need mostly.  They don’t have the massive budgets demanded by Madison Avenue and its legendary marketing savvy.

But what if you didn’t have to settle for less?  What if there was an advertising agency that could give your business a boost of of Madison Avenue on a Main Street budget?

Montz – Madison Avenue Advertising Agency on Main Street

Montz Marketing offers Madison Avenue advertising smarts to your small or medium-sized business, giving you the enviable ROI the big players get.

Our roots are in the recreational sector, but we represent all kinds of businesses in a wide spectrum of sectors, from automotive to home improvement.

We’re a multi-media advertising agency with all the Big City marketing savvy, from digital marketing to video production, and media planning to billboards.

Montz has shown Main Street that you don’t need to shell out Madison Avenue money to be on the Big Dog playing field, since 1998.  Our message to you is this: You don’t have to settle.

Branding that gets it done

Some brands speak so clearly that no words are required.  A pair of golden arches, a coffee-bearing siren, a simple swoosh – all these brand logos speak volumes.

That’s the goal.  Smart branding imprints your business on the consumer’s mind.  One well-executed image can send your brand message with more clarity than a thousand words.

It’s what your business stands for, your identity.  A bullet-proof brand ID is the foundation of all your advertising efforts and where fatter market share begins.

Supported by our superlative creative team, we bring you brand penetration and recognition that propels your business forward.


Marketing and the branding strategy supporting your identity are most effectively accomplished with a centralized and systematic approach.  That’s why Montz Marketing is your comprehensive Main Street advertising agency.

We go above and beyond, with a full suite of services that moves your brand into every nook and cranny of the market, with outstanding placement in all media.  We negotiate excellent deals that get you more advertising for less outlay.

Montz’s digital marketing game is informed by continual technological change, creating campaigns that deliver exceptional Return on Investment and the consumer brand consciousness you’re looking for.

And when you’re ready for arresting promotions, we’re the local resource for crafting promotions that double or even quadruple advertising impressions against the budget you dedicate.

Moving you forward

Since 1998, Montz has been moving businesses like yours forward.

Our mission is to make a mammoth splash, re-positioning your brand as one consumers choose first, with focused advertising that makes your money work harder.

We’re the advertising agency that levels the playing field.

Ready for Madison Avenue advertising on a Main Street budget?  Contact us.