About Us


Montz Marketing is a full-service advertising agency, founded in 1998. Our marketing agency provides services in Scottsdale, AZ and Scranton, PA. We started our journey in the recreational industry – working with ski resorts, amusement parks, water parks and ice skating arenas. We’ve since expanded to different arenas. These include automotive, medical, home improvement, legal, and financial accounts.

We possess the skills to drive traffic to your business, all while helping you give your potential customers more reasons to use your services. That’s our service to you, to help you help your customers! 

full-service advertising agency
full-service advertising agency


We don’t settle for less. And neither should you.

At Montz Marketing, we specialize in media planning, web marketing, billboard marketing, video production, and much more. 

While we offer services you might expect from any marketing agency, what makes us unique is the driving force behind our work.

Our sole goal is to offer national quality marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses — at prices that propel growth.

Our Full-service Advertsing Agency


Montz Marketing is a full-service agency, meaning we offer a complete range of services. With the help of our team, we can do commercials, banners, business cards, radio promos, and the whole nine yards! You can expect a variety of services from us. Montz is known for its drive to increase sales and traffic, but we can do so much more. Our portfolio is full of examples of our work, and if you choose to work with us, you will not be disappointed! You have a messsage that needs to be heard and we can help you get it across. Let our full-service advertising agency work for you.

full-service advertising agency